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Rise Up Radio's First Show Goes Live Today!

The first show of Rise Up Radio will be held today, starting at 8 with the coverage of the NFL Draft.


Great news, everybody. The first edition of Rise Up Radio will be going on tonight to cover the NFL Draft.

It's not the start of the regular show, BUT it is a preview of how things will go. I'll be opening up text lines and an e-mail line for those who can't be with us on The Falcoholic, and I'll also be answering questions and comments from the site itself as we go along.

I've hosted a sports talk show here on campus a few times and this will run more along the lines of a radio show rather than a podcast. I might even take breaks when the draft goes to commercials because, let's face it, I'm not a robot. I will, however, keep you up to date on things such as sports news and updates including current baseball, hockey, and basketball scores.

We might even have a surprise guest or two on the show, but most likely it'll be just me this time, but that's alright! We're gonna make it awesome and we're going to grow this into something great.

I may go live at 730 to get everything on working order. I'll have a text line and an email line for you all to chat with, and I'll also embed the stream in the live thread as well.

Hope to see you all there!