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NFL Draft 2013: Atlanta Falcons Trade No. 30 Pick To Move Up To No. 22

The Falcons surprise by trading up eight spots. Who will they pick?


Those hot and heavy rumors about the Atlanta Falcons trading up have become a reality, as Atlanta has swapped its No. 30 pick in the first round plus unknown picks to move to 22.

The team has a couple of major holes to fill, especially at cornerback, and clearly felt they couldn't get the player they wanted by waiting until the end of the first round. All the remains is for the Falcons to make the pick and get their grubby hands on their impact player.

We should know in mere moments who the Falcons are getting, especially because both ESPN and NFL Network have a habit of ruining picks for us. Stay tuned and we'll have a breakdown of the pick ASAP!

Remaining Falcons Draft Picks

  • First round: No. 30
  • Second round: No. 60
  • Third round: No. 92
  • Fourth round: No. 127 and No. 133 (compensatory)
  • Fifth round: No. 163
  • Sixth round: No. 198
  • Seventh round: No. 236, No. 243 (compensatory), No. 244 (compensatory) and No. 249 (compensatory).

Remaining Draft Needs



Defensive End

Offensive line

Tight end