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Jonathan Babineuax Prefers a Defense-Oriented Draft

Fact: if Jonathan Babineaux sat on you, it would hurt

Kevin C. Cox

If you ask Jonathan Babineaux how the Falcons should approach the draft, he might ninja kick you in the face. But then he will tell defense should be the priority.

Defensive end Osi Umenyiora signed a two-year deal with Atlanta, but still Babineaux sees holes to fill as players returned to the training facility.

The Falcons have the 30th pick in the first round Thursday night. The team could look for help at cornerback or another pass-rusher.

"I'm hoping we're maybe leaning that way," Babineaux said. "We're kind of short on the defensive side right now."

To be frank, this means something coming from Babs. He's certainly got his finger on this team's pulse, and his opinions are undoubtedly very credible. Then again, he is a defensive player. If you've ever played football or been around a football team, you know that offensive players are very biased towards themselves, as are defensive players. If you play defense, you think defense is everything. Heck, has anyone ever heard of a defensive player saying that offense wins championships?

I don't necessarily disagree with Babs. Depth and an infusion of youth on the defensive side of the ball would do this team good. But as you all know, I'm particularly fond of Tyler Eifert. In fact, I heard today that his pass catching abilities cure cancer.

Your thoughts?