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Pat Yasinskas Strikes Again, Argues Falcons Should Draft Marcus Lattimore

Fact: there are worse middle round options than Marcus Lattimore

JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Your personal opinions about Pat Yasinskas aside, he proposed an interesting scenario today. He's not the first to make the suggestion, but draft rumors are all we have until Thursday gets here.

[The Falcons are] the type of team that can afford to take a shot on [Marcus] Lattimore somewhere in the middle rounds and bring him along slowly ...

“I would think that putting him on the shelf for a year would be the way to go,’’ Gruden said. “It would be a luxury. It would be an expense. You've got to put him on injured reserve and you've got to pay his rookie contract. But he's 21 years old and he's only a true junior ... put this kid in the bullpen and get him with a great training staff and the right support system. He'll learn the offense and get himself ready to be a 22-year-old kid who comes back the next year, knowing the offense and has a big impact.’’

Not the worst idea I've ever heard. I always quiver when Dave starts drinking Steel Reserve when players with durability issues are at issue. Two consecutive seasons with fairly serious injuries will give any draft analyst, amateur or professional, some pause. He's also got the potential to be a Turner remix, just without the enormous backside (i.e., struggling to get second level yardage).

Your thoughts?