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NFL Draft 2013: Dig Deep And Predict The Seventh Round Compensatory Picks

A draft challenge for Falcoholics.

Justin K. Aller

Earlier this week, I asked for your mock drafts. Some of you gave me the whole seven rounds, others the first couple.

What I'd like to see today as we edge ever closer to the draft is this: Project the seventh round compenastory picks. Not because any of us are particularly likely to get these right, but because it will get us thinking about what players might have made it that far into the draft and will be on the team's radar.

Here's my three:

  • Vernon Kearney, CB, Lane
  • Cody Davis, S, Texas Tech
  • Ray Graham, RB, Pittsburgh
Why these guys? Kearney is a smaller school prospect, but the Falcons will be shopping for a cornerback to add competition and Kearney is a good athlete with good size and an excellent understanding for the position. He's one of my sleepers for 2013.

Davis is a sure-tackling safety prospect who could be an immediate special teams contributor. The Falcons need more depth at safety, and Davis fits the bill there.

Graham isn't a particularly fast back, but he's a bruising runner and he had a productive college career for Pittsburgh. I could see him filling a Jason Snelling role down the line.

So that's my my picks. Dig deep and bring me back your compensatory selections!

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