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Falcons High On Dion Jordan and Dee Milliner

Fact: Dave's high on something, and it's not Dion Jordan or Dee Milliner

Harry How

With the draft only a week away, speculation abounds. Teams are being linked to this player and that player. It's a little ridiculous, and we'll report every minute of it.

The Falcons are high on pass rusher Dion Jordan from Oregon and cornerback Dee Milliner from Alabama, sources said. Both are seen as the best at their position by many -- with a considerable drop-off -- and both are acute needs for the Falcons, who believe they are on the cusp of a title and are operating as if they are a player or two away (as the Jones trade evidenced).

Twenty years from now, Thomas Dimitroff will pen his autobiography. It will be called "Hair Gel: An American Story of Kicking Butt and Taking Names," or something to that effect. In the book, Dimitroff will tell us what the Falcons were really thinking prior to the 2013 NFL Draft.

If I had to guess, he will describe how the Falcons were neither party to a "Super Bowl or bust" mentality nor a "just maintain the status quo" mentality. He will say they weren't worried about much, other than stopping Caleb from sending his creepy fan mail.