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Look for Matt Ryan's New Contract After the Draft

Fact: Tom Condon is Darth Vader's third cousin, twice removed

Streeter Lecka

Thomas Dimitroff addressed the media today. As always, he had some interesting things to say. Of note were his comments about the Matt Ryan contract situation. My half-cocked theories about an evil, scheming Tom Condon aside, it appears the new contract isn't a done deal for one very simple reason: the draft is their biggest priority right now.

“Seriously, the situation is as we mentioned: both parties were in a very comfortable situation and we’re focused on the draft. Again, after the draft we’ll continue to discuss and I’m sure both parties, Matt as well as the Falcons, are feeling good, making sure that this gets done at the right time."

Honestly, this makes sense. Ryan's contract is a priority, it's just not the priority right now. I seriously doubt he takes that personally. Once Dimitroff gets down shocking and awing the masses with yet another productive draft, they will turn their attention to Ryan's contract.

I'd assume the broad strokes are more or less set in stone. Tony Romo and Joe Flacco signing for way more money than they're worth certainly changed the game a bit, but Ryan knows what he want, and I'd assume what he wants is more or less fair. Condon is, of course, the wild card. He wants what is best for his client, and ultimately, what is best for his future as a premier agent. If his clients don't get theirs, he doesn't get his.

Your thoughts?