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Safety William Moore Arrested On Battery Charge

Say it ain't so, Willy Mo...


In the midst of all the post-schedule release celebration and speculation, Falcons fans have been treated to some unfortunate legal news regarding one of their star players.

Starting safety William Moore, who signed a five-year contract extension worth around $30 million in total money last month, was booked in Fulton County Jail Thursday on a battery charge.

Further details about this arrest are not yet available, but it is generally considered bad when NFL players are arrested, and especially when said player is a Pro Bowl starters that has just agreed to a multi-year extension (weird, I know).

The most comparable case in recent memory involves former Steelers running back Chris Rainey, who was also arrested for battery back in January. In Rainey's case, the team ultimately decided to release the fifth-round pick from 2012.

However, I would be surprised if the Falcons took similar action so quickly, if at all. We should be sure not to jump to conclusions here, and we'll see how the story unfolds in the coming days and weeks.

Willy Mo may have screwed up today, but I'll wager one thing: he was ready. Maybe too ready.

Update: D. Orlando Ledbetter over at the AJC mentions a dispute with a woman in which Moore "grabs her shoulder," first reported by WSB-TV.

Conclusions. Don't jump to them. Yes, Mike Florio is my writing mentor.