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Matt Ryan Will Make History in 2013

Fact: Matt Ryan doesn't carry a wallet, his gravitational force just keeps thousands of dollars swirling around his head at all times

Matt Sullivan

There's no end to the accolades we throw in Matt Ryan's direction on The Falcoholic. Dave's patently false prediction that Ryan would be a bust aside, we really like the kid. We also like reminding Dave that he's a raging alcoholic. Statistically speaking, Ryan has been truly exceptional in his five year career. And as Pat Yasinskas pointed out today, he's likely to make history in 2013.

There’s a very good chance Ryan will make history in the 2013 season. In his first five seasons, Ryan has 56 wins. The record for most wins by a starting quarterback in his first six seasons is 60 by Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Who doesn't love that? I may draw some ire from torgo3000 for pointing out the obvious here, but this is certainly noteworthy. It's easy to forget in the heat of the moment (i.e., when teams not based in Atlanta are winning the Super Bowl every year). That said, I figured I'd take it on myself to remind everyone.

Your thoughts?