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Report: The Falcons May Trade Up In The 2013 NFL Draft

Who are they targeting?


The Falcons have not been shy about trading up to get a player they want in Thomas Dimitroff's tenure as general manager. It appears 2013 may go down as the latest in a string of trades that gave the Falcons Sam Baker and Julio Jones, among others.

According to multiple reports, the Falcons are considering a move up in the first round. It's unclear exactly what they're after, but they must have an impact player in mind who will be long gone by #30 if they're actively considering it. Depending on who you believe, the Falcons could be in on a defensive tackle, a defensive end, a tight end or a cornerback:

The team has plenty of ammunition, with 11 total picks to play with. They have an extra fourth rounder, so don't be surprised to see them part with a third or fourth rounder in a trade if they want to climb a few spots. It will obviously take more than that to claw their way up to the top 10 or 15, but we're just not sure yet who they're after, so it's too early to say where they have their sights set.

Where there's this much smoke, there's probably a few flames. The Falcons may not wind up moving up from 30 on draft day, but they're likely exploring it right now. Whether they actually do it will depend on a boatload of factors, including how committed they are to getting "their guy" and whether they can find a workable trade partner. The draft just got a little more intriguing, either way.

My guess? They're after one of the draft's elite cornerbacks, whether it be Dee Milliner, Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant, who could all be gone by the end of the first round. They may only have to trade up five-to-ten spots to get Trufant, but the other two will require a pretty serious move. Don't rule out Tyler Eifert, either.

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