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Jonathan Babineaux Was 2nd In The NFL In Tackles For Losses

An impressive stat for the veteran defensive tackle.

Kevin C. Cox

Depending on who you ask, Jonathan Babineaux is either one of the better defensive tackles in the NFL or a player in decline. If you ask me, he's still pretty damn good.

I would have said that before I saw this interesting little stat from the mothership:

Last season he totaled 8.5 tackles for loss behind the line of scrimmage. That number ranked him second among all defensive tackles in the NFL, behind only Kyle Williams, Buffalo’s two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle.

Babineaux is not the best run-stopping defensive tackle in the NFL today, I'll grant you that. But he's mighty disruptive to quarterbacks and when he gets into the backfield, he's hell to block. That's a nice combination for a defensive tackle, and given that Vance Walker is gone, Babs will continue to shoulder a lot of responsibility as one of the team's few proven, capable pass rushers. He'll also be playing some end.

This should put to rest those few quiet murmurs about Babs getting cut. He's sticking around, and he'll continue to be one of the most underrated and valuable defensive tackles around.

Your thoughts about the USS Babineaux?