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Blank: New Falcons Stadium Will Have PSL Program

Fact: if you want season tickets, they're going to need some of your money before they take your money


Arthur Blank recently confirmed the Falcons will have a personal seat license or PSL program once their new stadium is built. There are several juicy nuggets contained in that interview. I'd suggest reading it.

We’ll have a PSL program. We don’t know what it’s going to look like yet. We’ll be working on that probably in the next three to six months. Expect it to be a much more modest program than some other franchises have done.

I have a tendency to read into vague language, but I think Mr. Blank's intent is clear. He is spending a lot of money on this stadium, and a PSL program is one way to garner revenue. That said, he won't emulate the cost-prohibitive approaches you see with some franchises.

This isn't particularly shocking - I think we all saw this coming. It will, however, be a transition. Falcons season ticket holders aren't used to PSLs, because we've never had them. But I think most season ticket holders will manage.