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Matt Ryan and the Week 11 Cardinals Win

Fact: Matt Ryan's so icy, Todd McClure had to wear long underwear during all home games

Matt Sullivan

Matt Ryan is not an interception-prone quarterback. His interception percentage has never exceeded 3.1 percent in a given season, and he's never thrown more than 14 interceptions in a given season. Omit 2012's Week 11 game against Arizona, and Ryan would find himself second-to-Brady. Low and behold, even with that iffy performance, he still fared very well in 2012, relatively speaking. Ryan's adjusted interception percentage tells the story.

What is interception percentage? Simply stated, it's a tweaked version of interception percentage, devised by the fine folks over at Football Outsiders. It adds plays where the quarterback would've thrown an interception if the defender hadn't dropped the ball, subtracts plays where a defender intercepts a receiver-tipped ball, and it subtracts last minute hail mary interceptions.

Ryan's unadjusted interception percentage was 2.3 percent. Omit the 5 interceptions against Arizona and it'd be 1.4 percent, better than anyone not named Tom Brady (qualifier: only if you omit Colin Kaepernick and RGIII - 397 and 220 less pass attempts than Ryan respectively). His adjusted interception percentage was 2.6 percent, 9th best in the league. That said, of the 8 quarterbacks with a better adjusted interception percentage than Ryan in 2012, only Aaaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Sam Bradford attempted more than 400 passes.

Just food for thought. Discuss.