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Trade Up? Trade Down? Stay Put?

The Falcons have plenty of options come draft time. Which one would you choose?


Hey all, I'm back after being away from reality for a few weeks. Needless to say, I have returned, and I'm back to regurgitating posts.

We haven't talked about this much in the past week, so I'm gonna bring it up with a poll etc. etc. flashing lights, Vegas dancers, etc.

The Falcons, in my best estimation, will have to trade up to 22 (St. Louis) to get Eifert if they so desire, and that's if Chicago doesn't take him, or takes Ertz instead of him.

If the Falcons don't see anyone they like at 30, they might trade down and do Dave knows what with it.


they'll stand pat, pick some young sap from some four-year institution, and give him a fat paycheck.

My question this evening...which would you prefer they do? Trade up (not Julio level trade, but a small trade up), trade down to mass picks, or stay put and just pick someone?

I like the idea of drafting Eifert, but again, he won't be around when the Falcons pick at 30. I just have this sneaking suspicion that he'll be a product of the (deserved) hype and go before the draft finds 5 hours after it starts.

We could trade down, which would give us more picks, but we don't have the need nor the room on the team for a bunch of kids who probably won't make it anyway. We already have 11 picks (or thereabouts) which is top 5 in the draft. Trading down is unlikely.

We could stay put, take someone at 30, and get a decent player (most likely) but that's not fun.

What would you do?