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Falcons Working Out Edmund Kugblia

Fact: this dude's name is cooler than Matt Ryan's urine sample


The Falcons will work out Valdosta State's Edmund Kugblia. Not particularly newsworthy stuff, but interesting nonetheless. I know what you're thinking: "an offensive tackle from a Division 2 school?!"

Relax y'all, this kid had the talent to play for better schools, but a low SAT score kept him from greener pastures. In fact, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Vanderbilt all gave him a look. He's a big boy, weighing in at almost 320 lbs, and he's played both guard and tackle.

Don't get it twisted, he won't be a first day pick. He's someone the Falcons will keep an eye out for in the late rounds. While some analysts have him going undrafted, NFL teams have given him a hard look in the pre-draft period. The Ghana native has worked out for the Chiefs, Bears, and Panthers. Also, the Patriots' offensive line coach coordinated his pro day workout.

Interestingly, Kugbila has never played out of a three point stance. Valdosta State's spread offense required a 2 point stance. In theory, this may mean that he finds run blocking easier at the next level. Kind of like running with weights on your ankles.

Your thoughts?