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2013 NFL Free Agency: The Single Biggest Need On The Atlanta Falcons Roster

Share your thoughts with us.

Kevin C. Cox

We've spent plenty of time hashing out where the Falcons' biggest needs are, but we haven't spent quite as much time winnowing and distilling down to the purest of needs.

That's where I want to turn our attention to this afternoon. I want to poll all of you and see which position you feel is the single biggest need as the Falcons prepare for the draft and tail end of free agency. I polled fans on Twitter earlier and came up with this rough list:

  • Cornerback
  • Defensive end
  • Linebacker
  • Tight end
  • Offensive line
  • Wide receiver
  • Punt returner

I tend to view linebacker as the largest need, given weaknesses at starting spots and depth, even if you believe Brian Banks and Patrick Schiller can be solid, which I do. But I'm sure you've got an opinion to share, so please do so in the comments!

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