IF the falcons did move up in the draft who would they target?

Its drawing near my die-hard falcons fans the NFL 2013 draft. We have all done our mocks and through out suggestions of who the falcons will take with the 30 pick. While its been very entertaining to read all the mock drafts from fans and the so called "experts" I wanted to talk about who we would target if we were to move up in the draft. As always TD gives us and other teams the same thing he has given us since 2008 absolutely NOTHING lol I guess that's why he is one of the best GMs in the NFL. I could go through every option that the falcons have but that will take a very long time instead I'm going to make my own prediction and then turn it over too you so here we go. I watched the NFC championship game atleast 5 times now and I consistently see the break down in coverage of our OLB Steven Nicholas. I'm sure everyone has read or atleast seen my comments about SN54 bottom line he must be replaced. Not only for his extremely poor coverage skills but his bad decision making lets not forget the stupid unnecessary roughness call he got during the NFC championship game that later led to a TD that he also would give up. With that said I see us packaging our 1st our 3rd and our compensatory 4th to the rams to move up to the 16 pick to select Jarvis Jones OLB from UGA. Now before everybody says how stupid I am let me just say there are so many options to go with I really didn't want to right all of them so I chose to post this one. While I'm not sure about the pick I'm pretty confident about the trading team because the draft is deep and the Rams would want more picks to rebuild. Well that's my super bold prediction so I will leave it you tell me what you think will happen and or what you want to happen and please make it somewhat realistic lol.

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