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Garrett Reynolds Re-Signs With Falcons, According To Agent

The opening day starter at right guard a year ago is coming back to the Falcons.


Garrett Reynolds was drafted as a tackle, but he played capably at right guard in 2012. Until he went down with an injury, that is.

The Falcons clearly still think he can be a useful piece along the line, because according to his agent, the hulking guard has been re-signed.

I'll update this story once there's official confirmation, but if true, this is a nice little signing for the Falcons. Reynolds is a capable run-blocker and pass-blocker who seemed to be hitting his stride a year ago. He gives the Falcons a short-term starter at right guard, if they want it, and quality veteran depth if not. The team was not in a position to let talent go along the front five, and they smartly recognized that.

This will let the Falcons bring along guys like Phillipkeith Manley a little more slowly, and all the promising young guards on this roster could use that seasoning.

Your reaction to the Reynolds' re-signing?