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Falcons agree to five-year deal with William Moore

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The Falcons won't be searching for a new strong safety this offseason.

Al Messerschmidt

The Atlanta Falcons have agreed to terms on a five-year deal with William Moore, per Adam Schefter. Just a day after reports said the Falcons were stepping up their contract negotiations with the 27-year-old safety, the two sides reached a deal shortly afterwards.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Every offseason story continued to indicate Moore would be sticking around. The Falcons know what he brings to the table, and they weren't letting him get away. Moore likes Atlanta. A new contract seemed inevitable.

While the length of Moore's contract was released, we'll still have to wait for details on the overall amount and structure. Atlanta entered the weekend with a little over $20 million in cap space. Even with Moore re-signing, the Falcons still have a lot of room to work with.

Complete speculation, I would venture to guess Moore gets close to $30 million for the five-year deal. He could be worth more, but after only playing 12 games in each of his last two seasons, his price may be down a bit. Tennessee's Michael Griffin received $15 million guaranteed last year. A similar amount for Moore would help free up cap space in the future.

It's good to see Thomas Dimitroff carrying out his plan of re-signing the key components of his roster. I would expect Sam Baker to make headlines soon as well. Great start to the weekend. Sound off on your sheer jubilation regarding Moore's return.