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Lawrence Sidbury is ready to leave the Atlanta Falcons

If you're one of the five people who own a Lawrence Sidbury jersey, it's time to start shopping for new apparel.

Jonathan Daniel

Lawrence Sidbury played a total of 31 snaps for the Atlanta Falcons in 2012. According to his agent, Alan Herman, that figure isn't exactly and enticing proposition to re-sign with the team that draft him Sidbury back in 2009.

The former Richmond Spider is reportedly ready to move on to a new home. Herman told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC his client isn't searching for a new contract from the Falcons.

"No, it's not a place you would stick around considering what took place the previous year in your fourth year. That would not be an option for us. That's not something he would want to do."

Sidbury was in for a whopping 2.94 percent of the defensive plays called last season. He forced one hurry on an opposing quarterback, so, there's something to hang your hat on.

"The bottom line is I thought he played well the year before and showed signs of being able to get to the quarterback and then not getting the opportunity this year was exceptionally frustrating." -Alan Herman

His four sacks in 2011 presumably pointed towards an increase in playing time for his fourth season. He played a career-high 220 snaps that year. Positive results did not transpire, though, and Sidbury's in-game action quickly depleted with a new defensive coordinator in place.

Whether Sidbury simply didn't grasp Mike Nolan's scheme well enough to play, or his poor showing on special teams ultimately hurt his cause, we now know not to expect him to suit up for the Falcons in 2013.

Bill Polian actually ranked Sidbury as a "Tier B" player, along with Sam Baker. The former general manager seems to hold Sidbury in higher praise than other analysts around the league. We'll see what free agency holds for No. 90.

Parting thoughts for El Sid?