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Debating Whether The Falcons Are Done In 2013 NFL Free Agency

It's a fair question

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons have put together a nice little off-season, bringing back several of their key free agents and adding Steven Jackson and Osi Umenyiora. Are they now done before the draft?

My gut tells me yes. The Falcons are starting to run low on cap space, the free agent market is thinning out quite a bit and the team has made no secret of its desire to go young on defense. The Falcons aren't exactly famous for landing a ton of big-name free agents in the same off-season, as well.

Yet I have nagging doubts. I've said all along that the Falcons re-signing John Abraham would qualify as a surprise, given that they cut him in the first place and he's 35 years old. I've gone so far as to insist that it would be extremely unlikely and predict that Abe's headed to the Patriots. But there have been rumblings, which I'll share here:

"As you guys know, we do never say never. It’s always about making sure that we look at how the team is coming together and so, yes, I would say never say never." -Thomas Dimitroff, speaking to Jay Adams

We can't totally rule out the Falcons acquiring another piece, whether it be Abraham or a veteran cornerback. We certainly can't rule out the Falcons adding some reserve pieces to help with their shaky depth at several positions. The draft will plaster over many of those holes and give the team needed youth across the board, but if they feel they can add one extra piece with their cap limitations and remove one additional need...well, nobody ever won betting against the Comrade. I lose more regularly than most.

I'll turn it over to you. Any thoughts on who is going to be added, besides Honey Badger because he would be a draft pick and no, it's not happening?

It's a debate! Go for it.