My Expert Draft Analyses and Predictions

Good evening fellow falcon fans and writers. I have really enjoyed this offseason due to the fact that i do not hear a whole lot of falcon bashing and hating. I feel like finally after all these years I can go out and public and say "I am a falcons fan" without getting the whole " falcons suck" or "win a playoff game" response being thrown at me. I feel like finally our team has earned a little respect.

That being said I have decided to do my own version of how i think the Falcons draft day should go. This is solely based on my opinion and my football philosophy so i do expect criticism and a great number of you to disagree. So without further a do, here we go!


There has been a lot of draft predictions that i see that i highly disagree with. The number one being that the Atlanta Falcons should draft a Tight End in the first round of the NFL draft. Let me enlighten you a bit. The falcons do need a tight end, but not to waste a first rounder on, or even a second or third. The common misconception is that without Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan would struggle a little bit. This is false! The more accurate solution to this is more that the falcons need a 3rd receiving option that does not necessarily have to be a tight end. That being said i really pray that the falcons do not waste a first rounder on a tight end when so much help is needed on defense.


if Osi 72 (not going to take the time to learn spelling his name) is going to sign with the Atlanta Falcons then that means the Falcons are becoming really tight on cap money. Unfortunately this comes in the same year where the team not only has a full slate of draft picks, but 4 extra compensatory picks. That gives them 11 for the draft. Lets be realistic there is no way the falcons will be able to sign 7 of those less known 11. So do not be surprised if the falcons trade away some picks on draft day. As a matter of fact I am willing to bet on it. I could see the falcons trading with a team in the first round such as the Jets who are in desperate need of talent across the board so they require more picks.

Round #1

Like i said above i believe the falcons will trade up in the draft. But I am going to make to predictions here for either scenario. If they decide not to trade up here then i think you have to go with Bjoern Werner. He is physical, and thats is exactly what the falcons need in that front seven whether they are running 3-4 or 4-3. Name a single player along our front that is really physical. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Don't worry I'e wait.

If the falcons do decide to jump up in the draft then expect for them to grab a player who they know for a fact can come in and contribute right away. Maybe Ziggy Ansah or Sharriff Floyd? Either guy can come in and be disruptive on our D-Line

Round #2

This round is more important to me than any other round. 1 because i feel the falcons cant make a wrong move in the 1st round there is just too much talent to go around. But the 2nd will consist of one player that the falcons can just not afford to pass up on if he falls to the 2nd round. That man is Margus Hunt. I have watched enough tape on this guy my self. He is so disruptive! And his performance at the combine solidified his self as the steal of the draft for me. Sure this guy does not have a lot of experience but you don't need experience to bull through opposing offensive lines. I just feel like the entire draft will be a fail if the falcons do not at least attempt to get this guy.

Round #3 wildcard

Im not going to into too much detail in this round because my study does not go that deep. But i will say that cornerback is a need, and Tyrann Mathieu is by far my most favorite player in the draft. I love how he is proving his self to still be the Honey Badger we all came to know. I think the falcons would do well taking a swing at this guy especially with Asante Samuel mentoring him.


Demontre Moore - the kid is a big talent. This has nothing to do with his poor performance at the combine. But he is simply not the type of player the falcons need at the defensive front. He is too finesse. He is at his best when the offense is up by a couple of scores (as the case when your QB is Johnny Football) and the running game is pretty much out of the game. He is not going to manhandle anyone off the line of scrimmage; he is not that strong ; and he rely s solely on speed.

Eddie Lacey - to the naked eye Eddie seems like a great pick up, but honesty I believe Betty White would be able to run for 1,000 yards behind that Alabama offensive line. And with him not performing at the combine or his pro day you just do not know what you are getting.

Sam Montgomery - Please for the love of God skip this guy. I have never been a fan of this guy really. He is not dominate what so ever. He benefited from playing with Brockers and Mingo yet still did not see much from the guy.

That is my Draft projection guys tell me what you think and give me a grade Criticism is welcome!

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