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Steven Jackson Is All Class

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Fact: Steven Jackson hasn't sniffed a Lombardi since Lindsay Lohan wasn't a drug addict

Dilip Vishwanat

Steven Jackson is a professional. He's endured some real trials during his career, never complaining or demanding a trade. He's handled playing for a pretty dismal franchise with real class. This article details his struggles - I'd highly recommend reading it.

In his nine seasons Jackson played for six head coaches, three sets of owners and four general managers. Jackson was teammates with 13 quarterbacks, 33 wide receivers, 20 tight ends and 50 offensive linemen. In all, Jackson had 290 teammates as a Ram.

It’s easy to be a winner when everything is positive.

Imagine for a second you're Jackson. Close your eyes, picture the Rams drafting you in 2004. You're joining the Greatest Show on Turf, playing with Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt and Orlando Pace. Things are looking up. Then the crap hits the proverbial fan. Notwithstanding your skills to pay the bills, your team just never gels. New owners, new GMs, new quarterbacks; none of it matters. None of it helps.

To be frank, Miklasz has a point. They robbed him of a hall of fame career. I don't know of any players that would've endured so graciously. You can't blame the Rams; they never could've predicted their recent hardships. But Jackson hung with them, and that's admirable.