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Atlanta Falcons Sign Steven Jackson In First Big Move Of 2013 NFL Free Agency

The veteran running back is coming to Atlanta.


According to the most reliable man in the business, Adam Schefter, the Atlanta Falcons have signed Steven Jackson to a new contract.

The veteran bruiser had been with the St. Louis Rams his entire career, but opted for free agency this year and has been clearly eyeing the Falcons the whole time. Today, after I had all but written him off as a Packers signing, Jackson is a Falcon.

This is not a move for the future, but a move from a team with Super Bowl aspirations that wants to field a truly great offense. Jackson still offers quite a bit as a runner and a receiver, and he's been a durable back throughout his career. With Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling available to give teams different looks, they'll be able to keep his workload fairly reasonable, and the fact that he's not nearly as one dimensional as Michael Turner means defense will have to account for him in all formations.

Weigh in on the signing! We'll have more shortly.

Contract's for three years! And only $12 million! Thomas Dimitroff is a wizard.

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