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2013 NFL Free Agency: Tony Gonzalez Announces Return To Atlanta Falcons

It's happening!

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The Atlanta Falcons have cajoled, pleaded, begged and groveled to get Tony Gonzalez to come back. I'm not sure those efforts were pretty, but gosh darn it, they apparently got results.

USA Today reports that with 2013 NFL free agency just hours away, Tony Gonzalez has given his agent the "green light" to negotiate with the team. Given his avowed desire to return to the Falcons if he played in 2013 and the rumors that have been flying in recent days, it's probably safe to assume the chances of the Great Gonzo returning are quite high.

Even higher, now, as I type this. Jay Glazer is reporting that Gonzalez has informed the Falcons he's returning:

We'll need to see this report confirmed or hear more about these negotiations before we're 100% confident, of course, but this is good news either way. If the Falcons can bring back Gonzo and Sam Baker, they'll return a very potent 2012 offense wholesale and can then hopefully focus most of their efforts on the defensive side of the ball. Tony's just glad to be back.

"This whole year I knew it would be my last but the way our final game ended and talking to all the guys in the locker room, in the end it was too difficult of a way for me to step away from the game." Tony Gonzalez to Jay Glazer

I don't need to tell you that Tony Gonzalez is a Hall of Famer, the kind of player who makes any offense in the league better. Last year he racked up 93 receptions for 930 yards and eight touchdowns. He's the best possession option the team has over the middle of the field, he's a great red zone target and a great teammate. I couldn't possibly be more excited to welcome him back.

React to this news and let us know your expectations for Gonzo in 2013.

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