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Michael Turner's Release Due To A Failed Physical

Streeter Lecka

There's no telling how big a factor the injury was in Michael Turner's release—my guess is not a lot—but we're now seeing reports that say Turner was cut for a failed physical.

I also want to take a moment and thank the Atlanta Falcons fans. You guys made it easy for me to come to work every day and give you everything I had. -Michael Turner on Facebook

I've thought since early in the off-season that the Falcons would part ways with Turner, given his $6.9 million salary, and it's likely he would have gotten the axe even if he had been in peak physical condition. The fact that he was not likely only served to make that decision a little easier.

No specific reason was listed, according to this Pro Football Talk report, so it could be one of Turner's lingering groin injuries or something else entirely. Either way, it's likely to diminish his market a bit, which is a shame all the way around. I wish him well and hope he lands on his feet, especially after reading the classy message you'll see pulled out of the article up above.

Thoughts on how the running back depth chart shakes out now that Turner is moving on?