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How Highly Rated Are The Falcons' Free Agents This Year?

A 2013 NFL free agency primer.

Al Bello

It's a Saturday night on one of the slowest weekends of the year, but damnit, we're going to talk about something. Especially after I shoveled myself out of the great blizzard of 2013.

What prompted me to think of how highly thought-of the Falcons' free agents are was this piece in the AJC, about Bill Polian. Polian clearly has no idea what he's talking about—he calls Brent Grimes a "young" corner and says William Moore is solid, but that's it—but it's worth considering how much competition the team might have as they look to re-sign their guys.

So if you had to guess, who will be the the most-prized free agent from the Falcons? Who will quietly re-sign without any attention from another team? Why does Bill Polian not know that Brent Grimes is going to be 30?

Weigh in!