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What Roster Moves Would You Make?

Fact: After the 49ers game, Mike Smith was saaaaaaaad

Mike Ehrmann

It's time for an exercise in futility. Yes, we're going there, turning over the reigns to the Falcons faithful. Imagine for a moment that you're Thomas Dimitroff. You've devised a process that combines mousse, hair spray, gel, and pomade, allowing for the spikiest of spiky hair. Oh and you are in charge of the Falcons' roster.

I wrote about renegotiating Tyson Clabo and Stephen Nicholas this week. Some were apathetic, some balked at the idea that we would renegotiate any contract, because it's a contract, and we're contractually bound to contract like reliable contractors and stuff.

That said, I'm curious, what do you have in mind? To be honest, the options are limitless. It's like throwing a dart at a wall covered in balloons. You're sure to pop a balloon, but it's undoubtedly the wrong balloon. It's undoubtedly the pink balloon which wins you a cheap plastic kazoo; though I do love a quality kazoo.

Would you cut players? If so, who? Would you renegotiate contracts? If so, which ones? Would you throw away Mike Smith's safari hat? If so, how would you avoid his ninja kicks of death? Discuss!