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How Will The NFC South Shake Out In 2013?

Ridiculously early forecast time.

The Atlanta Falcons dominated the NFC South in 2012, with their 13-3 record against every other team's losing record. That's unlikely to happen again in 2013, for any number of reasons.

It's irresponsibly early to start forecasting the 2013 season, but it should kick off an interesting discussion of what we expect from our rivals this season. The Saints have Sean Payton back, but a weak defense and limited cap space could hamstring them again this season. The Buccaneers faded down the stretch and no longer seem certain about Josh Freeman as the franchise quarterback. The Panthers are a team with a lot of talent still trying to find their way to sustained success.

The Falcons should be the class of the division for one more season, but as we know that rarely holds true from season to season. So let's talk about it. What's your prediction for the season ahead in the NFC South?