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Ahmad Bradshaw Cut By Giants: Is He Worth A Look?

The Giants cut Ahmad Bradshaw today in an attempt to save money. He'll be 27 in March, but has had lingering injury issues throughout his career. Should the Falcons try and acquire him?

Nick Laham

Ahmad Bradshaw has been a very effective running back when healthy. That's the kicker. His health has been a cloud over his head for almost his whole career with the Giants. When healthy, Bradshaw is an effective running back with a good speed and power blend, and he also lead the Giants in rushing each of the last three seasons.

It stands to reason that he is also a big part of why the Giants won the Super Bowl last year. The Giants struggled to run without him, even though they had super hoss Brandon Jacobs at the time, but the team's addition of speedy David Wilson has made Bradshaw expendable, or at least expendable in the Giants' eyes.

He's young; he'll only be 27 in March and has been a productive rusher in the past, but would his lingering injury issues cause you not to want to pick him up? Why or why not?