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The Falcons Should Renegotiate Tyson Clabo's Contract

Fact: Tyson Clabo was named after a particularly delicious brand of chicken

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Tyson Clabo will turn 32 during the 2013 season. He's still a beast, there's no denying that. Let me be clear, I like him as our right tackle. I have no desire to replace him any time soon.

From a statistical perspective, Clabo is a mixed bag. According to Pro Football Focus' metrics, his 2012 campaign was above-average. His overall grade (+21.3) was pretty good, I'll admit that; yet despite all the voodoo tricks and rum blessing ceremonies, he just can't hack it as a run blocker. Meanwhile, he isn't particularly efficient as a pass blocker, nor is he particularly inefficient.

Clabo signed a five year, 25 million dollar contract in 2011. Clabo's guaranteed 11.5 million (an additional 6.9 million). He's due for a considerable raise in 2013. And by "considerable raise," I mean he will earn another 2 million/year in base salary.

While he's talented, I think 4.5 million/year is slightly above his market value. Consider that only 9 offensive tackles had a higher base salary in 2012. To that effect, only five offensive tackles made more than 5.5 million/year in base salary in 2012. Meanwhile, only five Falcons made more than 4.5 million/year in base salary in 2012 (Ryan at 11.5 million/year, Grimes at 10.28 million/year, Roddy White at 5.5 million/year, Turner at 5 million/year, and Robinson at 5 million/year).

Sure, there are some other contracts we should renegotiate - I'm looking at you Dunta Robinson! And I'm quite sure The Comrade will consider those options as well. But he will undoubtedly take a hard look at Clabo's contract, and rightfully so.

Your thoughts?