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Super Bowl 2014 Odds: Seven teams ahead of Falcons

The Falcons hold 18:1 odds to win next year's Super Bowl. Place yer bets, y'all!

Streeter Lecka

The 2012 season is officially over, there's only one thing left to do. Make predictions for 2013! Shortly after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, the oddsmakers wasted no time releasing the lines for Super Bowl XLVIII.

So, who is the front-runner to take home the Lombardi Trophy at MetLife Stadium? None other than Bill Belichick and his beloved band of Patriots. New England is a 7-to-1 favorite to win after finishing 12-4 this past season.

Atlanta opened at 18-to-1, tied with the Steelers and Saints. Seven teams sit in front of the Falcons: the Patriots, 49ers, Broncos, Packers, Texans, Ravens, and Seahawks all have better odds at this point in time.

If Tony Gonzalez does choose to stay around, the Falcons chances of going the distance improve significantly. Obviously a lot will change throughout the course of the offseason, but coming with the seventh-best odds seems about right, considering the general outsider's perspective of this franchise.

*Note that odds are subject to change based on where you're getting them from. The odds listed below come from @RJinVegas.

New England Patriots: 7/1

San Francisco 49ers: 8/1

Denver Broncos: 8/1

Green Bay Packers: 10/1

Houston Texans: 14/1

Baltimore Ravens: 14/1

Seattle Seahawks: 16/1

Atlanta Falcons: 18/1

New Orleans Saints: 18/1

Pittsburgh Steelers: 18/1

New York Giants: 20/1

Washington Redskins: 30/1

Dallas Cowboys: 30/1

Chicago Bears: 30/1

Cincinnati Bengals: 35/1

Detroit Lions: 40/1

Minnesota Vikings: 40/1

Indianapolis Colts: 40/1

Philadelphia Eagles: 50/1

Carolina Panthers: 50/1

New York Jets: 50/1

Miami Dolphins: 50/1

St. Louis Rams: 50/1

Kansas City Chiefs: 50/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 60/1

Cleveland Browns: 66/1

Arizona Cardinals: 100/1

Buffalo Bills: 100/1

Tennessee Titans: 100/1

Oakland Raiders: 150/1

Jacksonville Jaguars: 150/1

Lol Jaguars. That's a good note to end on.