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Dimitroff Giddy About Draft Talent

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff once thumb wrestled a gorilla


With the combine over and done with, the draft-based guesswork really gets underway. For what it's worth, Thomas Dimitroff really likes what he sees. He thinks it's a deep draft and he's confident we can nab a valuable contributor late in the first round.

“Normally when you go into a Combine and you’re assessing the draft and you’re sitting at the back end of the draft, i.e. 30 like we are, you wonder who you’re going to pick at 30 and you wonder what type of talent will be there at 30,” Dimitroff said. “And I will say that this year, there will be a very good football player at the back end of that first round. I’m excited about the depth of this first round. There may not be a huge ‘wow’ factor overall from the standpoint of players that are worthy of jumping up 21 spots to pick, but I will say that there are some very good football players and that’s where it’s a good place to be at 30.”

So in his opinion, we're dealing with an above-average crop of players. I'd argue that's a good thing. It's also a telling revelation, because it gives us some sense of how Dimitroff may approach the draft. I'd be surprised to see him trade away our 1st round pick or attempt to move up in the first round. He's very comfortable where he's at.

Your thoughts?