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What the Internet is Saying about Michael Turner

Michael Turner will likely be released by the Falcons due to age, declining production and salary cap issues. What does the Internet have to say about that?

Wherever Big Booty Turner may end up, we wish him all the best.
Wherever Big Booty Turner may end up, we wish him all the best.

It's unlikely at best that Michael Turner will be on the Falcons roster much longer. The running back has given the Falcons a few good years as a feature back, and has been integral to the team's success since coming to Atlanta from San Diego in 2008. The rumor is, Turner will be cut, as he's 31 years old, his productivity has declined and Atlanta is facing some cap challenges in building their 2013 roster.

What Analysts are Saying

Adam Schefter has reported that those ubiquitous and infamous "league sources" are confirming that Atlanta plans to part ways with Turner.

What the Team is Saying

Mike Smith has neither confirmed or denied the rumors about Turner. Will Brinson from CBS Sports believes that Smitty's statement on Turner, which was basically that "tough decisions" have to be made as the Falcons go through the process of "recalibrating" the roster, all but confirm that Turner will not be in Atlanta for much longer.

What Fans are Saying

Falcons fans are, not surprisingly, expressing a wide variety of opinions about this course of action.

Some fans are surprised and/or not happy about this turn of events.

Some fans are not sorry to see Turner go.

Some fans are grateful for all Turner did for the team, but accept that it's time to move in a new direction.

Some fans may be overreacting just a little.

Fans of other teams have some thoughts on the Falcons parting ways with Michael Turner, also.

But really, Michael Turner, please don't go to New Orleans.

And, there's much discussion of what the Falcons post-Michael Turner plans may be.

And perhaps my favorite idea...

Michael Turner is due $6.9 million this season, and cutting him would reportedly save the team $6.5 million. For a team that is going to have to make some big moves to create enough cap space to address roster deficiencies, cutting a 31 year old running back who averaged 3.6 yards per carry this past season for a total of 785 yards is a logical start. Are you in favor of the move? What do you think the Falcons may do to replace Turner?