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Will Grimes Accept a One Year Deal?

Fact: Brent Grimes doesn't jump - the ground runs away from his feet

Kevin C. Cox

It seems illogical, at least from his perspective, but hear me out. Brent Grimes was paid good money to assist the Falcons cheerleaders this season. Don't get me wrong, he fist pumped with the best of them on the sidelines. But he got paid for not playing. And we're the team that gave him his shot in the league. He owes us, or something like that.

There's no denying how well Grimes played in 2011. He had 13 passes defensed - if you're keeping score, that's a lot. He only allowed 25 receptions, making some very good quarterbacks look amateurish (62.9 QB rating when he was targeted). He also cured tongue cancer and made Natty Lite not taste like crap. Huzzah!

Skills to pay the bills aside, there's no telling how he comes back from the injury. It will undoubtedly affect his leaping ability, which is a cause for concern. NFL GMs will be weary. Even so, the man is invaluable in zone coverage. The force is strong in him.

My thinking is this: perhaps, if he's willing to accept a shorter deal, or in the alternative, accept a deal that isn't back-loaded (i.e., won't result in tons of dead money if we cut him), we can keep him around. In my opinion, it's probably the best shot we have at keeping him around.

At this point, I think the writing's on the wall. It's Dunta Robinson or Grimes; both men won't be on this roster come September. In my opinion, it'd be foolish to let Grimes walk. A short-term deal or one that won't ruin the Falcons financially should be the goal. The question is whether he'd buy into an arrangement like that.

Your thoughts?