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William Moore is the Best FA Safety on the Market

Fact: William Moore was almost not ready once - it caused the Earth to shift on its axis

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You probably saw this coming, but some are calling William Moore the best free agent safety on the market.

Our top free agent option among safeties, Moore ranked 18th overall at the position, a year after ranking 11th overall. He did not excel in any particular area but showed a well-rounded game in coverage (+2.6), run defense (+3.2), and as a pass rusher (+2.1). His Run Stop Percentage of 3.7 ranked 22nd in the league and he made an impact with nine pressures on just 29 blitzes. If there’s a concern, Moore was an average tackler as he missed 10 of his 64 attempts. Still, coming off a season where he proved to be the best all-around player in the Falcons’ secondary, he should command quite a haul on the open market this offseason.

He's good, but he's not perfect. I'd imagine that is the angle Thomas Dimitroff and his merry band of football gurus will take. It's a solid angle, one that should give them some bargaining power. His imperfections aren't glaring. Durability is undoubtedly the foremost concern.

Moore is fond of Atlanta, and we hung with him notwithstanding the injuries. Maybe we've earned a discount of some sort. But even if we haven't, I'd expect the Falcons brass to open their red and black checkbook. It'd be downright foolish to let a player of this caliber walk in free agency.

Foolish shenanigans aside, don't forget that Moore is a pretty great fit in Mike Nolan's big nickel scheme. Bottom line: all signs point to us re-signing him. Moore will probably use free agency to assess his value (he's gotta eat and fund his rap career and stuff), but he's not going anywhere.