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Atlanta Falcons Free Agency 2013: Spare Us Shonn Greene

The bulky power back is being connected to the Atlanta Falcons, but we have no interest.

Jim McIsaac

The point of cutting Michael Turner this off-season wasn't just because his salary is hovering near $7 million for 2013. The point was to let go of a slowing power back who didn't catch the ball, which was fast becoming a poor fit for this team's offense. The Falcons may still want a battering ram, but they'll want one who is young and can vacuum up a few passes to help keep offenses on their toes.

In other words, not Shonn Greene.

Rich Cimini at ESPN New York reports that there's "buzz" that the Falcons are Broncos are the two teams being linked to the soon-to-be-released Greene. On paper, the move would make sense. Greene will cost $2-3 million less per year than Turner, easily, and he's the kind of power back the Falcons would probably like to pair with Jacquizz Rodgers.

Drill down a little deeper and there's much more to be wary about. Greene averaged under four yards a carry last year, has never really offer a run longer than 36 yards and only once caught more than 20 passes in a season. He's also going to be 28 years old when the season starts and doesn't have a reputation for being an excellent blocker, like Turner was. There's a lot of red flags here.

The Falcons might be able to squeeze two or three good years out of Greene as a complement to Rodgers, but he's already a plodding power back without a lot else to recommend him. I would rather pass and look for someone younger.