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NFL Combine 2013 Results: Chris Gragg Is The Day's Big Riser At Tight End


Tyler Eifert ran away with the Combine. He's the consensus number one tight end off the board at this point, and it may even come before the Falcons get a chance to pick.

While Zach Ertz may have hurt his stock a little and Vance McDonald raised his a bit, no one benefited more from running and hefting things than Chris Gragg.

The Arkansas product missed all but five games in his senior season thanks to a knee injury, and his history of production in college is not stellar. When you look like a potentially injury prone project at tight end, you need to have the strongest workouts possible.

Gragg helped his case by putting on the fastest tight end 40 at the Combine, a blistering 4.50. The athleticism coming off a major injury is impressive, and Gragg has the hands to be a nice receiving tight end in the pros. He'll need work as a blocker and he has some drop questions, but he's going to be drafted on day three and the team doing so might be able to mold him into a viable starter or platoon option. If the Falcons don't get one of the top few tight ends, Gragg's a nice option.

Or we could just draft Jake Stoneburner, because c'mon that name rocks.