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2013 NFL Combine Results: Terron Armstead Is A Beast


Sometimes, killer athletes are worth taking a shot on. The workout warrior labor has spooked fans and personnel men alike, causing us to dismiss those who do amazing work at the Combine as potential flukes.

Terron Armstead is that kind of athlete. He could be a fantastic defensive lineman, the kind of guy you could also trot out as a tight end and red zone threat. Or he could be a pure athlete who doesn't have what it takes to play in the NFL. A team taking a shot at him in the second or third round is gambling a bit.

It may be a gamble worth taking. Today, Armstead ran an insane 4.71 second 40 yard dash despite weighing in at 306 pounds, clocked 31 reps on the bench press and had the best vertical leap and broad jumps of any offensive lineman. The combination of strength and athleticism present here dwarfs even players like Lamar Holmes. who the Falcons took in part because of his mammoth (yes) potential.

Armstead needs help on his footwork and lower body strength, but he could be a terrific right tackle or guard. The team could give him a crack at right guard long-term. I'm not a huge fan of using an early round pick to add offensive linemen, and I'm not going to deny that Armstead is a classic boom or bust pick. I'm weak, perhaps, but I'm intrigued enough that I hope the Falcons are taking a look at him. I'm feeling more foolish as I get to the end of this paragraph, but damnit, I committed.

Would you take a shot on Armstead?