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One More Free Agent Receiver Suggestion: David Nelson

Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson could be released soon. Should the Falcons take a shot?

Al Bello

I know the Falcons don't need a ton of help at receiver. I also know that the Falcons have relatively little cap space and could use further depth at the position.

That brings us to David Nelson.

At 6'5", 214 pounds, Nelson is a big dude for the slot, but that's where he makes his money. Last year he was hurt, which robbed him of all but one game in 2012. He's supposedly coming back strong, and since he was never a burner, the injury should not have sapped too much of his speed.

What Nelson offers is youth—he's just 26—sure-handedness and a nose for the end zone. Over 16 starters in two seasons, he was good for eight touchdowns. He also chipped in 92 receptions for 1,011 yards over those two seasons, which isn't an astonishing number, but points to his reliability out of the slot.

I'm not sure he would be an upgrade on Harry Douglas, even though Douglas averaged just 10.4 yards per reception a year ago. But that's not really the point. The point is that he gives the Falcons a totally different look in the slot, a tall guy with red zone chops. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to have him split some of Harry's snaps, considering that they're virtually yin and yang.

Your mileage may vary. What do you think?