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Report: Expect Michael Turner's Release Soon

The Atlanta Falcons legend will be getting his walking papers soon.

Grant Halverson

When Adam Schefter reports you're about to be gone, you're about to be gone.

We've speculated all off-season about Michael Turner's fate. His $6.9 million salary for 2013 was prohibitive for a guy who averaged under four yards per carry a year ago and is on the wrong side of 30, so it seemed like a fait accompli. With Schefter reporting that the Falcons are likely to release Turner, we can probably expect to see that move soon. It wouldn't surprise me if he was gone by the end of the Combine.

We will pay our proper respects to Michael Turner soon, because he certainly does deserve our respect. He put together one of the best four year stretches of any back in the NFL this decade, and he'll go down as indisputably one of the three best backs to suit up for the Falcons. The NFL chews guys up and spits them out, though, and the Falcons can save about $7 million and get younger at the position. It's something they more or less have to do.

Your thoughts? Stay tuned for more on Turner.