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Is Roddy Done with the Dropsies?

Fact: Roddy White's mom dropped him when he was a baby - instead of falling on his head, he did a triple back flip into a one-handed hand stand

Kevin C. Cox

We all know Roddy White led the league in dropped passes in 2011. Some even compared his 2011 dropped passes campaign to Barry Bonds' steroid-infused chase of the home run record. Not something you really enjoyed watching, but like Dave on a Steel Reserve bender, it's just impossible to look away.

Despite his superb talent, White has developed a bit of a reputation for dropping the rock. It's a reputation he doesn't necessarily deserve. In 2010, he only dropped 3 passes all year, and his first drop was on his 99th target. In 2012, he [knocks on wood] once again wasn't one of the league leaders in dropped passes. Praise Vishnu!

Some of this "improvement" is probably Julio Jones-related. White was targeted 191 times in 2011. He led the league in dropped passes that year, but he also tied Wes Welker for receptions league-leader (115). He was only targeted 167 times in 2012. Jones went from 102 targets in 2011 to 151 targets in 2012.

Tony Gonzalez was targeted more (139 targets in 2012 versus 122 targets in 2011), as was Jacquizz Rodgers (targeted 59 times). So while Matt Ryan attempted more passes this year than he ever has (615), Roddy's targets went down, while other offensive weapons were targeted at a higher clip.

Bottom line: the targets drop probably had something to do with it, though Roddy's drop-happy reputation isn't entirely deserved.

Your thoughts?