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Matt Ryan in 2013

Fun fact: Matt Ryan and 2 Chainz are BFFs.

Streeter Lecka

I don't know about you all, but I'm already tired of the offseason. The good folks on NFL AM spent the entire Thursday show alternating between discussing the Richard Sherman/Darrelle Revis Twitter fight, and the impending Combine. There's just not a lot of news about the Falcons, who have kept the franchise tag in their proverbial pocket for the time being and seem to be pretty wrapped up in this whole new stadium thing.

In thinking about the coming season, something that has come to mind is how significantly Matt Ryan has improved from year to year (with 2009, the year he struggled with a turf toe injury, being a slight statistical exception) and, knowing what Ryan's work ethic is like, what we can expect him to be focused on improving for the coming season.

Last offseason, Ryan felt that adding some muscle weight to his tall frame and improving his flexibility and physical endurance would help him be more competitive, and then he finished the season with the best completion percentage in the league, with 68.6%. Ryan was also fifth in the league for passing yards, with 4,719; fifth in the league for passing touchdowns with 32, and fifth in the league for overall quarterback rating with 99.1.

As good as Ryan was this season, there's always room for improvement. Ryan's interception total for the season, though skewed by the Arizona game and hilariously fewer than Drew Brees' total, was still pretty high. If, heaven forbid, Tony Gonzalez does not return next season, Ryan will need to adjust so his passing yardage does not decline dramatically.

What would you like to see Matt Ryan improve upon for next season? Discuss!