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Mike Smith: Brent Grimes Recovery Going Extremely Well

The free agent cornerback is expected to be ready to go by the time the season rolls around.

Kevin C. Cox

Mike Smith delivered a press conference earlier to assembled reporters at the NFL Combine, and there's plenty of good stuff contained within. I'll post more from it and potentially the full transcript later, but for now, I wanted to lead off with good news about someone the Falcons may potentially re-sign.

As we all know, Brent Grimes suffered an Achilles injury in the first game of the season, which cost him the entire year. He's coming off a one year deal for about $10 million, and his future is uncertain. I expect he'll get a decent contract and a chance to start wherever he goes, but it's not the lock it would have been a year ago.

In his comments, Smith talked about Grimes' recovery. Hat tip to the AJC for this transcript:

Brent Grimes has been doing an outstanding job with our athletic performance department, working in the training room. He is progressing well. Again, that was a significant injury that took place in Kansas City on opening weekend. But he has not been out working outside. He’s still working in the training room, but he is progressing very well.

What he didn't confirm, of course, was whether the Falcons would re-sign Grimes. We likely won't know until March or April, so stay tuned for that.