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Mike Smith Second-Winningest Rookie Coach In NFL History

The Falcons coach is one of the best ever. Of course.


Just how good have the Falcons been under Mike Smith? Oh, I dunno. Maybe the second best team ever under a first-time head coach. How's that sound?

Daniel Cox wrote this up the other day. Smitty's 56 wins are second only to George Seifer, who went 62-18 in his first stint as a coach. At this point, Smitty's going to keep going, eventually passing Seifert while hopefully fending off John Harbaugh of the Ravens and Mike Tomlin of the Steelers, who are right behind him. Kinda crazy.

Learn more by checking the link above, but it's fair to say I'm proud of what Smitty has accomplished. Now let's get that ring.