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The Brent Grimes Question

The 30-year-old cornerback was one of Atlanta's great success stories. Will he be re-signed now.

Scott Cunningham

You may have noticed by now that most of our posts are questions. That's because in the off-season, there are many questions and very little in the way of answers. Such is the pre-draft period, or as I like to call them, dark days.

We come now to the question of Brent Grimes. Two years ago, there would not have been any question of signing Grimes to an extension. A year ago, there were grumblings, but most wanted him back. This year, it's an open-ended question of whether the Falcons will bring back the one-time Pro Bowler and annually underrated cover man.

If injury were not a factor, it would be nearly a lock. Grimes has been excellent in coverage throughout his run in Atlanta. He's a solid tackler and a guy with a knack for the interception, and Pro Football Focus has a crush on him. But we don't live in a world where you can discount an Achilles injury that costs you 15 games.

Grimes was a scratch for the Giants playoff game in late 2011, and he missed all but one game a year ago. The Falcons did a good job with Asante Samuel, Dunta Robinson, Robert McClain & Co. last season, and while a healthy Grimes is undoubtedly an asset, the Falcons have more depth than they've had in some time at the position. If it's going to take $5 million-plus to sign him—and I bet it will, given his history of production—the Falcons might have a hard time fitting him in under the cap. Unfortunately.

If this is it for Grimes, it was a hell of a run in Atlanta, from UDFA to one of the league's better corners, and I'll always appreciate what he's done. If he's willing to come back and the Falcons can sign him, then I would certainly welcome him. I'm just not sure how likely it is.

If you could re-sign Grimes, would you?