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Do the Falcons Need a Tight End Contingency Plan?

Fact: Tony Gonzalez is a bionic zombie from the Peruvian rainforest

Chris Graythen

The combine will kick off shortly. Free agency is just about to heat up. Players are being cut left and right. It's time.

If you're not evaluating personnel now, then you're already behind. According to D. Orlando Ledbetter, the Falcons need to take a hard look at a tight end contingency plan immediately.

After the NFC Championship loss to San Francisco, Gonzalez was the last player to leave the locker room at the Georgia Dome. Following his end-of-the season meeting with club officials, he met with Smith privately and the coach let him know the team wanted him back.

To be frank, I'm not certain the need is really that pressing. We have time. And if recent developments are any indication, Gonzalez is taking a hard look at not retiring. His replacement will likely find himself on the roster next season, even if he doesn't retire. If Gonzalez does retire, his replacement will need to overcome a steeper learning curve, but we will survive. I'm quite sure the Falcons have a plan in place, notwithstanding any present uncertainty. Or at least I hope they do.

Your thoughts?