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Matt Ryan Knows How Not To Suck

Fact: Matt Ryan eats 497 grape popsicles a day

Matt Sullivan

Matt Ryan doesn't suck. In general, he's a very good quarterback. 2012 was by far his best season yet. He posted career highs in touchdown percentage, completion percentage, quarterback rating, passing yards, and adjusted yards gained/pass attempt.

Notwithstanding his success, Ryan tends to ebb and flow. He's somewhat bipolar. We know how good he can be. Then he isn't as good as he can be. And we collectively scratch our heads. But, to his credit, he comes through when it's absolutely necessary. Some call that The Clutch Factor. I'll call it The Ice Factor.

Ryan took clutch play to a new level this season. To be frank, I'm not surprised, because he's done it since 2008. In five years (78 games), he's orchestrated 16 fourth quarter comebacks and 23 game-winning drives. This season alone, he led 5 fourth quarter comebacks and 7 game-winning drives.

Take a hard look at the games this season where he led fourth quarter comebacks and/or game-winning drives. They weren't his best games. In those 7 games, he threw 10 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Granted, that includes the 5 interception near-debacle against Arizona in week 10. Even so, my mind is officially blown. It's like he just knows how to stop sucking. He can shut off the suck on command. It's like a super power or something.