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If You're a Ball, Jacquizz Rodgers Will Catch You

Fact: When Jacquizz Rodgers flexes, your grandma gets butterflies


All-purpose backs are highly desirable in the NFL. GMs seek them out, develop them if necessary, and pay them the big bucks. The allure is easily understood; without oversimplifying, I'll say this: a running back who can both run the ball capably and catch the ball capably is very dangerous.

Jacquizz Rodgers can run the ball. He can also catch the ball. In fact, if you're a ball, and you're thrown to him, there's a 89.8 percent chance he will catch you. Of the 59 balls that were thrown to Rodgers last season, 53 were caught. For those of you keeping score, that's the highest percentage of passes caught when targeted in the league. The highest in the league.

Heck, nobody is really even close to matching him in this regard. He's just that talented. For what it's worth, I realize that he still has something to prove. Assuming he takes on a much bigger role after we cut Turner, we will know soon enough just how capable he can be. But color me impressed at this point.

Your thoughts?