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Discuss Your Falcons-Related Frustration

Fact: Dave smells like a rotten egg and my dog had an illegitimate lovechild


We all have a you-know-what list. I personally keep Michalob Ultra and Funyuns on my you-know-what list. And as it happens, your you-know-what list is very important today; more important than it's ever been. It's so important that I'm asking you about it - don't you feel honored?!

Today's exercise centers on frustration. Frustration with the state of the team, frustration with the status quo, frustration with Dave's distinct man odor.

There are, to be frank, plenty of reasons to be frustrated with this team. For example, they came just 10 yards short of a Super Bowl birth. Or, in the alternative, consider that they have managed one playoff win in their last 4 playoff appearances. The frustration abounds, and it's perfectly natural. If you're frustrated, I don't blame you one bit. You should be, because it's only natural. To be honest, if you weren't frustrated, then I'd be concerned. I'd ask you if you were feeling OK.

So discuss. Talk about your frustrations. Voice them. Let your freak flag fly. Ready? Set? Go!